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Who wants to read something really messed up?

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Who wants to read something really messed up? Empty Who wants to read something really messed up?

Post  Chatmaster™ on Sun Aug 24, 2014 7:55 pm

A foreign warrior entered the palace and saw the empress sitting upon her throne. The silence of the palace was deepened by surprise in the faces of those sitting by the throne, but the empress stayed her look.

“Your majesty…,” said the warrior, “If you have come seeking to court me, or if you have come seeking power, I might engage with you a little while, but why are you brining matters to me from a foreign land, which I have nothing to do with?”

“Your discernment is truly stunning, your majesty, but I have come on behalf of a peasant who is my brother, who dwells in that land, to bring you his message of love, ” said the empress.

“Let your brother borrow a horse and come to me, and I will speak with him. If he wins me, he will be my king, and the emperor of all these kingdoms, “ said the empress.

“You are not like those who are in power, your majesty, that you should accept a peasant. My brother would have me to know your name, to speak before him, that he might know your name when he speaks with you, “ said the warrior.

“My name is forbidden, and if he knows my name when he speaks with me, before he asks me, ‘what is your name?’, I will shun him. I will not only shun him, but I will cast him into the dungeon. And do not tell him what should happen to him if he should transgress me, for if my beauty and my kindness do not persuade him, he is of no worth to me,“ said the empress.

“Your honor, I will not tell him your name,” said the empress. The warrior bowed and turned from the empress to leave the palace. Once he had left, a knight standing by the throne said softly to the empress, “Your majesty, he did not bow when he came in, and he did not seek consent before he left.”

“Bendric, “ said the empress, “These kingdoms are not bowed by burdens, and a foreign man is not bowed by me. If I required more of him then surely it will go before his brother, and it may be that his brother would fear, and not be prepared to lead me.”

When the warrior stopped his horse at the house of his brother, Jericus, he saw Jericus playing with rocks, bobbing his head and dancing in his seat, insect juice running from his hair down his face,
“Jericus,” said the warrior, “I have some splendid things to tell you” “Stay yourself, “ said Jericus, “for that you must do, for I am high, and I shall hear these words once I have spoken, “

“Jericus, “ said the warrior, “I spoke with the empress, that beautiful empress, and she welcomes you to come to her by horse. Take my horse and go, but conduct yourself like a gentlemen and future ruler.”

“In that I do delight, and in my manly softness I will captivate her, “ said Jericus.

“Jericus!” said the warrior, “What is that on the table. Is that the scroll of lofty rhetoric, from whence I have just come? You know you cannot stand before the empress, knowing you have taken a scroll from her empire, and brought it into your house.”

“Ah!”, said Jericus, “What I do, that you question not, for when I speak, I speak things the empress shall wonder at, to show her my fiery speech, and she will adore me. Now tell me, brother who shall serve me soon, what is the name of the empress?”
“I was not minded to ask her Jericus. I supposed you would ask her when you saw her, “ said the warrior.

“Behold, I know her name, for in my treasures, are the scrolls that have her name, and the name of the empress is Vendellimia, the mighty empress, ruling with power over all the kingdoms by our land, and soon to rule over us, and over me, and I will serve her.”

“I doubt that she shall rule over us, “ said the warrior, “and I doubt that she desires to rule over you, Jericus. You must stand up, and captivate her like you said, and lead her as a mighty ruler.”
“Enough!” said Jericus, “my horse shall now carry me to the empress. O Horse, come now and I shall ride you to the empress!”

Jericus stopped at the palace and dropped from his horse. The splendor of the palace and the lushness of all that was around it weakened his whole body with awe, and the thought of seeing the empress shook him weaker. When he entered the throne room, he stopped before throne at the greatest possible distance, and trembled.

“Who is this one who has come so far, and entered my palace?,“ said the empress, “Are you that warrior’s brother, who I have returned to you with a message, saying, ‘Let him borrow a horse and come to me, and if he wins me, he will be my king, and the emperor over all these kingdoms?’”
“Your majesty, “ said Jericus, “the greatness of your beauty holds me back, and I tremble, and my words are weak before you, and you have power with speech. O Vendillimia, I have read much about you, and I desire to share this empire with you, and to love you forever.”

Suddenly the eyes of all sitting by the throne looked down and watered. Some bowed their heads. Others sat back perplexed. The empress, however, sneered at him, and squinted, and abruptly stood up, and grabbed her scepter.

“Jericus, “ said the empress, “from the day you shared your secrets with me, I have despised you, and I swore before myself that when I had gained my throne, if you should still be in the land where we dwelt, I would grant you all your desires, just because I hate you so much.”

“Guards, “ said the empress, “Take him, bind him, and cast him into the dungeon. Feed him no bread and no water, except when he is ready to faint. Bring me a scroll and my signet, and ready the warriors. We are taking the land of Jericus, and they shall serve us as slaves, and not only shall the land of Jericus serve us as slaves, but all these kingdoms in my empire shall serve us as slaves, and you shall serve me as slaves.”

So the empress enslaved everybody and tortured Jericus with perpetual starvation. Also she made him bow down to her one thousand times a day, and each time he bowed down to her, she whipped him twenty times. Likewise she did to every man that was in all the kingdoms, and she commanded every woman to do the same.

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