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Gay Chat Room Rules

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Gay Chat Room Rules Empty Gay Chat Room Rules

Post  Overstreet on Wed Sep 24, 2014 4:40 pm


- You must be 18+ to enter the Gay Chatroom.

- You must comply with all moderator requests.

- You must not HARASS or IMPERSONATE a room moderator at any time or for any reason.

- Respect to other room users must be shown at all times.

- Discrimination in any form is not permitted.

- Chat topics / posts in the main room must be clean.

- Occasional swearing is permitted, excessive swearing is not.

- Only the English language is to be used in the main chat room.

- Do not disrupt the chatroom by repeat posting, by posting in quick succession.

- You must not scroll your message or use caps excessively.

- Everyone regardless of sexual orientation is welcome in Gay Chat.

- The discussion of certain topics such as scat along with illegal topics is forbidden at any time under any circumstances ie: Bestiality, Paedophilia, Taboo, ******, etc.

- You must not disclose personal or contact information in the main room, this includes your email address, skype address, links to your blog or website. Links to all other websites are strictly forbidden.

- It is forbidden to offer anything for sale or for trade this includes rent, prostitution or hustling in any form if you do this will result in a site wide ban.

- It is forbidden to advertise or promote any Web Site's or Businesses in any form if you do this will result in a site wide ban.

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